Your Apartment (no matter the value) Sold For Just $10,000.

Question: Does it really cost more to sell a $2,000,000 property than it does to sell a $700,000 property ?

We all know the answer to that question.

Inside Track Realty (ITR) specializes in muti-family property sales.  ITR was founded by Randy Hoese  and Jim Hunter to provide a common sense approach for our clients when selling and buying properties.
When you are ready to sell your apartment property, we want the opportunity to show you how we can do a great job for you… and save you tons of money. The service and results you expect – with a common sense price you’ll appreciate. Our simple flat fee program will save you money.
After all, you worked hard to acquire, manage and maintain your investment property. Why give up so much of your equity when you sell it?
Isn’t a percentage based commission really just a way to charge you more for the same service? With our system, you now have a real choice. You can choose a traditional company that will charge you on a percentage basis or you can hire our company. We’ve been selling Minnesota investment property for many years. With ITR, you’ll receive the same service as other companies but only have to pay a simple flat fee of $10,000. Plus, it’s paid at closing – the same way the traditional companies percentage based fees would be paid.   Contact us for more information or to get started.
Truths about the multi-family apartment market:
  • In traditional real estate sales, nearly every single family home that’s for sale will appear on the Multiple Listing Service.(MLS) and it’s related sites.  But that’s not so in the apartment market – where few properties will appear on the MLS – or sites drawing from the MLS.
  • The primary commercial / multifamily property listing sites (such as LoopNet, CoStar, etc) show only some of the available properties – often the brokers own sites do not even show all of their available properties.
  • Buyers typically search numerous online sites and work with multiple agents to be sure that they “hear” about as many available properties as possible because there is no single source of all available properties.  Therefore, no broker really has exclusive buyers that other brokers are not aware of.
  • Like ITR, most other real estate brokers dealing in this relatively finite apartment market have lists of all the property owners as well as most of, if not all of the likely / active buyers.
Important Questions to consider when choosing an agent or broker / company to sell your property:    
  • Is the relationship with your agent / broker worth the actual cost or expense to you?  
  • Does their service change if the percentage being charged is higher or  lower?
  • Does their service change if your property is worth $350,000 or $700,000 or how about $2,000,000?
  • How much will they charge you ?  Will it be 3%, 4%, 5% or even 6%?  Use the calculator below to see what their fee equates to – and compare that to our flat fee of $10,000. 

Calculator Pro

We are on top of the Twin Cities apartment market. We view new properties every week. We meet buyers and sellers just like you daily. Contact us for a confidential analysis and market value appraisal of your property.


.Inside Track Realty, LLC is licensed in Minnesota